SAT-Practice Word of the Day:surreptitious
Intermediate Word of the Day: thaumaturgy
Difficult Word of the Day:corban

Paul is a fifth-year medical student (in a six-year program) at the University of Southampton. Paul is specializing in neurology (and particularly, I believe, in the brain). Paul is a Megan--a member of the Mega... one-in-a-million-and-up... Society, corresponding to a deviation IQ of 176+, or a childhood ratio IQ of ~200+. To put this in perspective, out of the 12 children with IQ's above 180 that Leta Hollinsworth scoured out of the NYC school population over a 22-year period, she found only one child--Child "J"--with a ratio IQ of 200+. Similarly, out of all the Quiz Kids, at ages between 6 and teenage, from 1940 to 1952, there was only one (Ruth Duskin) with a ratio IQ of 200+. Drawing upon a large fraction of the 1980's population of Australia, Miraca Gross found 3 children with IQs at the 200 or 200+ level. While children often rank a little lower as adults than their highest childhood IQ scores would indicate (because of mental "growth spurts"), Paul has earned this title as an adult.
   Here are a few links to other Mega Society members' websites (as a finger in the dike until I can set up a better "Interesting Links" page.)
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   Here is a discussion of global warming that I just posted to the Ultranet, including some back-of-the-envelope estimations of planetary temperatures


Nobody walks too softly through the swamp;
Nobody wants to find what might be found.
The shyest lovers raise their voices here
To advertise their presence on the path,
The boldest schoolboy whistles over-loud,
And something slips like shadow from the log
Or stirs like wind among the flags and ferns,
Something—not frog nor fawn nor dappled snake—
That fades into the reeds without a sound,
That sees and is not willing to be seen.

Grendel is dead. Pan's evil yellow eyes
Narrowed to nothingness long years ago.
The Nissi's cold white fingers dropped their spell.
But God knows what still rises from the pond
And shakes the fetid water from its thighs
To stretch its bones beneath the jimson weed.
God knows what answers when the bobcat cries.
Nobody wants to take it by surprise.