Intermediate Word:  accoutrement   (a) accolade  (b) soldier's auxiliary equipment  (c) soldier's uniform and weapon  (d) appointment to a prestigious position 
Difficult Word: - huarech  (a) altar boy  (b) flat-heeled sandal  (c) dirt lane  (d) narrow, winding brook

Artificial Intelligence May Aid Space Mission Technical Glitches - Space.com  NASA officials are reporting encouraging results from an experiment in which artificial intelligence software is being used to determine the root causes of simulated technical glitches aboard the agency’s Earth Observing-1 imaging satellite. The software, called Livingstone, was developed by computer scientists at Ames Research Center in California.     
Analysis: Putin's Energy Bazaar - SpaceDaily  President Vladimir Putin's current visit to China is dominated by energy politics. China, the world's seventh-largest economy and expanding rapidly, is energy hungry and in search of increased petroleum and natural imports. The Kremlin, now at center stage of Russia's energy sector, intends to leverage the country's vast energy reserves to exact as much geopolitical and financial benefits as possible. Russia and China already have strong trade ties, expected to be $20 billion this year and forecast to reach $60 billion by 2008.    


Ford touts cleanest internal combustion engine - MSNBC  Left:  Ford's H2RV, seen here at a green vehicle event in Shanghai, runs hydrogen through an internal combustion engine. It's also a hybrid, using a battery pack to run an electric motor, increasing efficiency.  Ford Motor Co. has challenged industry and the U.S. government to move more quickly towards  hydrogen-powered vehicles, announcing what it called "the world's cleanest internal combustion engine" and boasting that it could start production within two years. Ford touted it as a "bridging strategy" to get from today's gas-electric hybrids to a future of hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

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