Intermediate Word:  parsimony   (a) stinginess  (b) employing one's relatives  (c) type of fruit  (d) single-blessedness
Difficult Word: - lich gate  (a) low flap-gate for animals  (b) Masonic entry procedure  (c) tradesman's gate  (d) corpse gate (church)

US And Russia - What's Next?  - SpaceDaily   UPI:   Russia is widely seen to be retreating to old habits of authoritarian rule. How much impact should it have? A: This is part of an eternal dilemma in American foreign policy. On the one hand, there are those who believe that the most important thing the United States should do is to push other countries to improve their human rights record - i.e., act more like Americans. This really came to the fore during the Carter administration when it became part and parcel of U.S. policy around the world.
Scientists Say Comet Smashed Into Southern Germany In 200 BC - SpaceDaily   A comet or asteroid smashed into modern-day Germany some 2,200 years ago, unleashing energy equivalent to thousands of atomic bombs, scientists reported on Friday. The biggest chunk smashed into the ground with a force equivalent to 106 million tonnes of TNT, or 8,500 Hiroshima bombs. "The forest beneath the blast would have ignited suddenly, burning until the impact's blast wave shut down the conflagration," the investigators said. "Dust may have been blown into the stratosphere, where it would have been transported around the globe easily...  

Asian Giants India, China Bank On GM Technology To Feed Millions - SpaceDaily   Asian giants India and China are accelerating investment in biotechnology research to fight the odds in agriculture and feed their teeming millions, say scientists and officials. Scientists at a workshop in one of Indias biggest gene research centres in Patencheru in southern Andhra Pradesh state said China and India accounted for more than half the developing world's expenditure on plant biotechnology. "In China, funding for agri-biotech research comes entirely from the government and China is only second now to the United States in research investment.

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