Intermediate Word:  evanesce   (a) to dissipate like vapor  (b) to bubble over  (c) to agree  (d) to slowly appear
Difficult Word: - trochanter  (a) musical tempo  (b) tall, thin stoppered container  (c) bony process on upper femur  (d) type of oversized megaphone

Representatives of Bush, Kerry Debate Space - Space.com   Kerry would adopt “a strong and balanced” approach between space exploration and other NASA missions, Lori Garver told the gathering. A Bush victory would offer “an unprecedented opportunity for change and new opportunities in space,” Sietzen said, stressing the Bush goal of returning to the moon by 2020 and planning a mission to Mars. A Kerry administration, instead, would “probably” boost research and development funding at NASA.
In The Stars: A Tale Of Two Planets - SpaceDaily   Left:  As Earth eventually teemed with living, thriving organisms - so much so that repeated, devastating impacts could not extinguish all of them - Mars withered away to barrenness. What is left is only the tantalizing evidence of a once-wet planet.  Long ago, before it dried out and softened into a wide, flat expanse, Meridiani Planum was soaking wet - which means temperatures on Mars, in some form, must have exceeded 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) - the freezing point of water. It could be that liquid water existed under a heavy layer of ice.  Another possibility is the Martian atmosphere once might have been much thicker.

Titan's Strange Prospects - SpaceDaily  On Jan. 14, 2005, the Huygens probe will plow into the orange atmosphere of Saturn's moon, Titan, becoming the first spacecraft to attempt to land on a moon in our solar system since the Soviet Union's Luna 24 touched down on Earth's moon in 1976. Though scientists hope that Huygens will survive the plunge, it will be flying blind through hydrocarbon haze and methane clouds to a surface that could consist of seven-kilometer-high ice mountains and liquid methane seas. The Huygens probe could land instead in a gasoline-like hydrocarbon brew of methane, propane or butane.

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