Intermediate Word:  alliaceous   (a) sprightly and effervescent  (b) self-centered  (c) pertaining to the leek family  (d) characterized by affectations
Difficult Word: - regelation  (a) conversion of customs into laws  (b) ascension to the throne  (c) repainting of lines... e. g., on a highway (d) refreezing under pressure

Mars Reconsidered: New Data Raises Fresh Questions - Space.com  There is mounting evidence of the role of water in Mars’ evolution. That fact appears to have been favorable to the development of life -- and the leftover calling card of past biology may be preserved in that world’s geologic record. Even more compelling is the thought that life may well have taken a beating and kept on ticking over time. And if so, where on the planet is it today? Scientists are admittedly awash in new data. 
Russia Completes Construction Of Iranian Nuclear Power Station - SpaceDaily  Left:  A handout picture released by Iran's Atomic Energy Organization 22 August 2004 shows a recent general view of the Islamic republic's first nuclear reactor, being constructed with Russian help in the Gulf port of Bushehr, some 1,300 kms south of Tehran. Iran has repeatedly claimed its nuclear programme is entirely for civil purposes. AFP photo distribution.  Russia and Iran announced Thursday that the Islamic Republic's controversial nuclear power plant has been completed. Iran's Beshehr nuclear plant, estimated to have cost $800 million, has angered the United States, which is concerned that spent nuclear fuel could be used to construct weapons.

Image: Mag-beam system

Cosmic Log: Ride the mag-beam to Mars - MSNBC  Could a magnetized particle beam really propel a manned spaceship to Mars, or would the beam-generating system cause more problems than it was worth? Thursday's item on the mag-beam scheme, which University of Washington planetary scientist Robert Winglee believes could provide a rapid-transit system for interplanetary explorers.

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