In the last few days, three brilliant readers have caught that bumbling doofus, that Jacques Cluseau of the intellocracy, Bob Seitz, in three mistakes, so keep a sharp eye open and see if you can't join this illustrious band of intellects by catching Bob in his next foxy pas. Patrick Wahl gently pointed out that syzygy refers to a situation in which 2 or more celestial bodies lie in conjunction rather than representing the turning points of orbits. That's two mistakes I've made in two days. Thanks, Patrick. I guess this settles it. I'm going to have to break down and use the dictionary. Sic semper hubris. But more seriously, I welcome and appreciate knowing about any errors that you see. I'll gratefully correct them.
SAT-Practice Word of the Day:fitful
Intermediate Word of the Day: apodictic
Difficult Word of the Day:catercousin





The blood of dinosaurs is in his veins,
And in my veins the less impressive blood
Of some lean, snuffling cousin of the shrew.
We eye each other prudently across
A dozen bricks and sixty million years.

We have not always shared a patio,
A trellis and a square of morning sun,
Nor do we share them easily today,
For in a dusty crevice of my mind
I store the recollection of an age
When dragons roamed unhindered through the world;
And somewhere in his small, uncluttered brain
Is locked an ancient memory of one
Who darted from the shadows of the trees
And raised a cunning paw to fling a stone.