Intermediate Word:  hegemony   (a) succession through other means than primogeniture  (b) giving one's friends preferential treatment in business  (c) predominance of one state over another  (d) widow's period of mourning
Difficult Word: - Lollard  (a) Scottish separatists  (b) Highland dancers that wove in and out  (c) member of crack Puritan cavalry  (d) Wycliffe's followers

Edwards SPADS Keeps An Eye On SpaceShipOne During X Prize Flights - SpaceDaily  As SpaceShipOne rocketed through the skies over the Mojave Desert Monday to claim the famed X Prize, a team of engineers here successfully followed the contrails and collected data about the spacecraft's trajectory thanks to an invaluable radar capability known as SPADS, Spaceport Arrival and Departure Safety System. A partnership between the California Space Authority and the Air Force Flight Test Center, SPADS performed its first two technology demonstrations during SpaceShipOne's historic flights Sept. 29 and again Monday. In an era of skies crowded with commercial aircraft, and now space planes, SPADS offers a new potential for enhanced safety. The key component for the SPADS project is the Weibel Doppler radar system, manufactured by Weibel Scientific headquartered in Denmark.
Khan's Nuclear Network, A Criminal Gang - SpaceDaily  Left:  Khan, who enabled Pakistan to conduct nuclear tests in May 1998, days after similar tests by rival India, confessed in February to running a private network of nuclear proliferators and to supplying nuclear technology to some of America's declared enemies. Photo credit: AFP  Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has since sacked Khan, stripped him of all national honors and has put him under house arrest. But his decision not to send Khan to jail has been widely criticized, although a senior U.S. official - Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca - said last week Washington understood that Khan's popularity as the father of his nation's nuclear program prevented Musharraf from doing so. She also said that the U.S. government was satisfied with the action Musharraf had taken. One design is that of a Chinese warhead that was tested on a missile, has a mass of about 500 kilograms, and measures less than a meter in diameter.

British FM Insists US Being Pressed Over Kyoto Treaty - SpaceDaily  Left:  Washington argues that the Kyoto pact is too costly, and that it is unfair since developing countries are not held to specific pollution cuts.  Britain is "working hard" on the United States to pressure it into agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said on Tuesday. Despite continued "major disagreement" between London and Washington over US refusals to sign up to the treaty, signs were emerging that the US view was gradually shifting, Straw told parliament. "We have to maintain our pressure, presenting them with the evidence, because their people will be as much at risk as the rest of the world if there is not international action."

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