I've expanded the Word-of-the-Day to embrace three levels of commonality. The SAT words are drawn from Barron's SAT I Hot Prospect List.
SAT-Practice Word of the Day:threadbare
Intermediate Word of the Day:taiga
Difficult Word of the Day:saiga

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    A Brief History of Transportation, written in the year 2091 by my great-great-grandson.
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 Just before Halloween, in 1986, alone in my far-flung office in the deepening darkness after everyone else had gone home, I set about writing a Halloween poem. And then it began to write itself! It was like automatic writing, emanating from some sinister source beyond the pale. So you may want to get someone to stay in the room with while you read this, in case something wicked this way comes!Woo!-oo-oo-oo-oo!-oo-oo!-oooo!-oo.......


I know of none who say they fear the park,
And people hike the glen when day is bright,
And yet, somehow, it empties after dark,
For Something weird and wicked walks by night.
   It all began six years or so ago.
   (Some say four billion years, when Earth was born.)
   Four campers saw a crashing body slow.
   Then saw a shape that nightmares take, that morn.
And then the tales came trickling in of dogs that disappeared,
And vagrant men not seen again, and claw prints wide and weird;
Of chilling howls that rocked the wood no mortal throat could make,
And scuffle marks and trails of blood that vanished in a brake!
What beast has jaws so wide a pig could fit its snout?
Or what could chew through Hamby's fence and pluck their chickens out?
So as I say, no neighbors fear the park,
And people ply the glen when day is bright,
And yet, somehow, it empties after dark,
For Something weird and wicked stalks by night.
    A Thing that blithely gobbles down a dog
    And leaves no trace of bone or fur behind,
    A Thing that might be found in brake or bog...
    A Thing that no one really wants to find.