Intermediate Word:  long in the tooth   (a) carnivore  (b) old  (c) hungry  (d) long-winded
Difficult Word: - elutriate  (a) wash, decant and settle  (b) aspirate  (c) exhibit  (d) dissipate

Space Tourism Seeking Public Investors - Space.com  It was billionaire Paul Allen's $20 million that allowed Burt Rutan to build SpaceShipOne, the first privately financed manned rocket to reach space. In Oklahoma, a state tax credit was key to getting Rocketplane Ltd. funded to begin work on a reusable launch vehicle for space tourism flights that would originate from one of the state's old Air Force bases. In California, meanwhile, Xcor Aerospace seeks government contracts to develop technologies.
Climate: Worrisome Trends In Antarctica - SpaceDaily  The conventional scientific wisdom has been that while most of the world has gotten warmer, Antarctica actually has cooled a little, except on its peninsulas and coasts; but new research indicates the polar continent is facing dramatic changes that probably are the result of global warming. Floating ice shelves are collapsing, vast glaciers are thinning and speeding up in their drift toward the sea, and improvement in the ozone hole probably will result in warming temperatures in the continent's interior. "We're beginning to push past the normal range of climate variability of the (post-Ice Age) Holocene (period)", said Ted Scambos. 

Unprotected Nuclear Weapons Multiply - SpaceDaily  Left:  The existence of Israel's nuclear program is officially denied by the Israeli government for fear of mandatory U.S. trade and diplomatic sanctions that would be imposed if proof of the program were to become public. Israel has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, and the U.S. officially turns a blind eye to Israel's weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) program. The release of this late-2002 IKONOS image of the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona caused some embarrassment for both Israel and the U.S. The reactor is in the lower left of this image.  Four countries that secretly built their nuclear programs against the wishes of the international community now possess more than 400 nuclear weapons, says a report released in Washington Monday.    

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