SAT-Practice Word of the Day:impecunious
Intermediate Word of the Day:cantabile
Difficult Word of the Day:capitella


Cain killed Abel A long time ago,
Killed him in the pasture
Where the flag lilies grow,
Lured him to the pasture
And struck him with a stone
While the cows stood watching
And the sheep looked on.

God saw Cain
From His window in the sky,
Heard his shout of anger,
Heard his brother's cry;
And God saw Abel,
With the gash across his head,
Lying in the lilies
By the cattle shed.

"Cain," asked God,
"Where can Abel be?"
"Am I my brother's keeper
That you should question me?"
"Cain," said God,
"I have seen him where he lies.
His blood is on your forehead
And the guilt is in your eyes. "

Cain killed Abel
A long time ago.
I too have killed my brother
Where the blue flags grow,
Now Cain and I are fleeing
Through his dark and lonely lands
With the blood upon our foreheads
And our weapons in our hands.

   --"And Finding No Mouse There" (Vivian Smallwood)