Intermediate Word:  précis   (a) precision  (b) to-thepoint summary  (c) priceless  (d) attache case
Difficult Word: - gillie  (a) brook trout  (b) suspenders for a kilt  (c) professional hunting guide  (d) fish knife

Pushing To Be A Player - SpaceDaily  Part 2 of 5. For years, Brazilians have aspired to possess one of the world's international commercial spaceports. They have sought to do so by using their Alcantara launch center - located near the equator on the Atlantic coast in the state of Maranhao - not only to launch their own VLS rocket, but also the rockets and commercial payloads of other nations. So far, Brazil's three attempts to launch from Alcantara have been unsuccessful - including the third try last year, which resulted in a horrific explosion that killed 21 Brazilian space officials, destroyed the launchpad and dealt a severe setback to the space program. Still, the tragedy only served to reinforce the commitment by Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to proceed with development of the VLS rocket and continue plans to expand the launch center. Now, with the help of the Ukrainians, that dream may come true.
Scientists Explore Genome Of Methane-Breathing Microbe - SpaceDaily  Left:  Because of its unique characteristics, the bacteria Methylococcus capsulatus (above) has been attracting research interest since its discovery a couple of decades ago. As its name suggests, M. Capsulatus is a coccus, or roughly spherically shaped, encapsulated bacteria that is methanotrophic, or methane eating. Methanotropic bacteria can use simple organic materials, such as methane, the simplest of the hydrocarbons (CH4), together with certain minerals to make the building blocks of life (simple sugars, amino acids and fatty acids). Thus far, researchers have identified very few organisms capable of making these essential molecules. Most organisms, including us, need to ingest these basic molecuules in our diet or make them by breaking sown largerk, more complex molecules. The idea of an organism that naturally contains the biological pathways to make these fundamental molecules is very interesting. What can it tell us about the origins of life? What can it tell us about how to make such vitally important biological materials? How did it ever come to exist in such an extreme environment in the first place? Scientists say the organism's potential significance for biotechnology include more efficiently producing microbial protein for commercial animal feed.

Study Forecasts Nearly 500 HDTV Channels Globally By 2009 - SpaceDaily  North America will lead the drive forward with somewhat less than half of the forecasted 487 HD channels to be broadcast on satellite in 2009. The next biggest market for satellite broadcast of HD content should be Japan, followed by Australia/New Zealand, Europe and South Korea. The majority of the channel growth will occur from 2006 onward as the availability of HD content improves, HD television set penetration increases, and government deadlines for conversion to digital broadcasts are achieved by the majority of broadcasters in these countries and regions.

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