Intermediate Word:  fresco (a) fresh  (b) freshly-picked  (c) non-load-bearing wall  (d) painting on fresh plaster
Difficult Word: - Annie Oakley 
(a) non-alcoholic beverage  (b) pinafore  (c) crack shot  (d) free ticket

Inflation Factor: Bigelow Readies Test Module - Space.com  A test of an inflatable Earth orbiting module is slated for liftoff early next year, bankrolled by a go-it-alone, do-it-yourself entrepreneur keen on providing commercial space habitats for research and manufacturing, among other duties. The one-third scale version of a larger Bigelow inflatable module is dubbed Genesis. It will be lofted into space atop a Dnepr booster under contract with ISC Kosmotras, a Russian and Ukrainian rocket-for-hire company.     
HETE-2 Satellite Solves Mystery Of Cosmic Explosions - SpaceDaily  Left:  In 2003, HETE-2 (illustrated) provided solid evidence linking long GRBs to the collapse of massive stars, which signal the births of black holes Scientists had collected circumstantial evidence supporting that connection for several years. In the case of the short bursts there has been no such buildup of observational evidence, only theoretical calculations and conjectures.  The shorter of two versions of these bursts appear to be caused by the collision of closely orbiting neutron stars or one of those compact stars and a black hole, said Don Lamb, the Louis Block Professor in Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. "The mystery of short gamma-ray bursts is largely solved,"   


Wakamaru ready to join the family  - CNN   Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., say their new Internet-linked robot "Wakamaru," unveiled Thursday, has a friendly personality that could make it a much-loved member of the family. "We have tried to create a robot you can have a relationship with, just like a human," said technical team leader Ken Onishi, who said that while none of her individual features are revolutionary, putting them together in one cute package was a mammoth task. Able to recognize up to 10 people and call them by name, the 100 cm (40 inch) tall Wakamaru will approach and greet family members in a gentle, feminine voice when they arrive home and offer to pass on telephone messages or read out any e-mails that may have arrived. In the morning, Wakamaru will glide to your bedside to wake you up with the news headlines and weather forecast, remind you of your appointments for the day and may even invite you to join it in some light exercise.   

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