Intermediate Word:  suppurate   (a) to plead  (b) to provide through a trust  (c) to form pus  (d) to sew together
Difficult Word: - mesne  (a) intermediate  (b) space underneath a balcony  (c) French duenna  (d) pregnant

New X Prize Sets Sights on Science, Technology and Social Solutions - Space.com  The X Prize Foundation and the World Technology Network announced today the formation of a joint venture to launch a series of technology incentive prizes to help spur innovation and breakthroughs in a range of scientific arenas. The creation of new X Prize awards follows the success of the twin SpaceShipOne flights that snagged the $10 million Ansari X Prize purse. However, these are focused on other arenas.
Mathematicians Count On Future - SpaceDaily  Turns out discrete math isn't discrete after all. In fact, it permeates everything from super-secret security networks to underground gambling networks. By forming the backbone for weather forecasting, it even determines when to grab an umbrella. The 19th annual mini-conference on discrete mathematics and related fields will be held at Clemson University Oct. 7-8. Nearly 100 mathematicians will attend the annual conference, where they will listen to presentations on everything from graph and number theory to game theory and probability. Presentations will end, according to tradition, with the youngest presenters, who - defying tradition - are undergraduates.

Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold - SpaceDaily  UK radio astronomers at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, working with colleagues from Europe and the USA, have demonstrated a new technique that will revolutionise the way they observe. To create the very best quality images of the sky, they routinely combine data from multiple telescopes from around the world a technique called Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). e-VLBI uses new dedicated internet infrastructures (called research networks) in the participating countries, so that data from all the telescopes can be relayed rapidly to a centre in the Netherlands where the data are combined and sent back to the astronomers, who then produce the images.

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