Intermediate Word:  acclivity (a) vicissitude  (b) tendency  (c) distinctive feature  (d) an upward slope
Difficult Word: - holus-bolus  (a) hokum  (b) popular 19th-century barn dance  (c) all-at-once  (d) the whole enchilada

Ministers and firms tackle climate  - BBC  Left: Margaret Beckett will address business leaders at the conference  The heads of top companies want clear targets to cut emissions, but small firms believe such targets could be a burden to them. The government says it is taking a "leading role" in cutting emissions. Many larger firms are thought to back a stronger government policy on climate and are particularly keen for minister to establish targets and timetables for future CO2 cuts. This would enable such businesses to plan their investment strategy. Lord Oxburgh, a chairman of Shell, told BBC environment correspondent Roger Harrabin that big business was prepared to take action. 
UK to decide on Sakhalin funding  - BBC  A $20bn oil and gas project in Russia faces a crucial funding decision amid running concerns over its effect on the endangered western Pacific gray whale. Officials are meeting to discuss whether the UK Export Credits Guarantee Department should finance Shell's project in Russia's far east. A gray whale feeding ground lies 7km from the site of an oil platform. Some groups say it may take very little to drive the whales - which now number about 100 animals - to extinction. Shell is developing two fields which, together, contain recoverable volumes of over one billion barrels of crude oil and more than 500 billion cubic metres of natural gas.  

Fuel cells 'need political push  - BBC'  The world must actively push for alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells, says Sir David King, the UK government's chief scientific advisor. But there needs to be a cultural shift in energy production, he told delegates at a fuel cell symposium in London. As the cost of production falls and efficiency increases, fuel cells are expected to find many more applications. With 470 million consumer electronic devices requiring portable power, it could represent a fuel cell business worth about $25 billion, he added.   

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