Intermediate Word:  non sequitur   (a) legal bar from joining others in a class-action suit  (b) legal enjoinder  (c) conclusion that doesn't fit the premises  (d) 
Difficult Word: - jink  (a) leap for joy  (b) trick or practical joke  (c) quick, evasive turn  (d) steamroller approach to doing things

Black Hole's Lunch Reveals Its Mass - Space.com  Left: An artist's concept of a black hole, surrounded by an accretion disk. The gas in this disk is heated to millions of degrees Celsius and emits X-ray radiation.  The hefty black hole lies at the center of the galaxy NGC 3516, which is about 100 million light years away in the direction of the Big Dipper. Calculations involving Einsteinís general relativity showed that this object, the black hole, weighs between 10 and 50 million solar masses.    
3Dsolar Introduces Holographic 360-Degree 3D Imaging System - SpaceDaily  3Dsolar display devices are set to transform the way individuals experience multimedia content both at work and home. For the very first time, computer users will be able to view 3D objects hovering a few inches away from a screen that rotates 380 degrees - without wearing glasses. The notable feature is the way users will be able to manipulate the virtual image directly with their hands as they would a real object. "3Dsolar is light years beyond holography and autostereoscopy in that designers can create images that are highly detailed in color, design and animation," said Patrick Levy Rosenthal, inventor of 3Dsolar.  


Under pressure: Why scientists fear for the future of the planet and humanity  - BBC  Planet under pressure is a six-part BBC News Online series looking at some of the most pressing environmental issues facing the human race today. Scientists now say we are in a new stage of the Earth's history, the Anthropocene Epoch, when we ourselves have become the globe's principal force. But several eminent scientists are concerned that we have become too successful - that the unprecedented human pressure on the Earth's ecosystems threatens our future as a species. BBC News Online's Planet under Pressure series takes a detailed look at six areas where most experts agree that a crisis is brewing.

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