Intermediate Word:  chancery   (a) archives office  (b) a condition producing fatty cysts  (c) a monarch's inner circle  (d) small-claims court
Difficult Word: - hock  (a) horse's leg just above the fetlock  (b) white wine  (c) decorative buckle  (d) blandishment

Coming Soon- "Good" Jupiters - Space.com  Jupiter is huge. Its mass is 318 times that of the Earth. All of the planets in our solar system, even puny Pluto, do a gravitational dance with the sun, tugging the star this way and that as they sweep through their orbits. But Jupiter's effect is by far the greatest. It is this wobble, the sun's change in radial velocity caused by the tug of Jupiter's gravity, that would offer astronomers on faraway worlds the most obvious evidence that there are planets orbiting our sun. Jupiter is huge. Its mass is 318 times that of the Earth.
Laser Wakefield Acceleration: Channeling The Best Beams Ever  - Space.com  Left: A plasma channel, denser toward the edges, guides the laser and allows it to form high-quality electron beams. As the laser pulse travels from left to right it excites a wake in the plasma, trapping and accelerating bunches of electrons to high energies (visualization by Cameron Geddes).  For a quarter of a century physicists have been trying to push charged particles to high energies with devices called laser wakefield accelerators. In theory, particles accelerated by the electric fields of laser-driven waves of plasma could reach, in just a few score meters, the high energies attained by miles-long machines using conventional radio-frequency acceleration.  

New Surface Chemistry May Extend Technology Life For Making Transistors - Space.com  Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a technique that uses surface chemistry to make tinier and more effective p-n junctions in silicon-based semiconductors. The method could permit the semiconductor industry to significantly extend the life of current ion-implantation technology for making transistors, thereby avoiding the implementation of difficult and costly alternatives. "We developed a way of using surface chemistry to obtain shallower active regions and enhanced dopant activation simultaneously," said Edmund Seebauer.

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