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10/25 to 10/31, 2001

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10/24/2001:  Here are two additional papers that discuss personal preparations for bioterrorism: 10/25/2001:Some tips for preparing for terror attack - Nando Time , and 10/25/2001:How Can You Prepare for Terrorism? - ABC . However, I have a concern about the centerpiece in their plans... that you should hermetically seal a "safe room" where you can remain for a day or two. Problem: how do you find enough oxygen to breathe? What about excess carbon dioxide? What about changes in barometric pressure?
    I have become more than a little concerned about the plight of the Afghan people. Imagine what it would be like if the situation were reversed! Suppose the Afghans were after Osama bin Laden, who's hiding out in the U. S. They start "pinpoint bombing", which, unfortunately isn't, and hits suburban neighborhoods by mistake. They drop cluster bombs, many of which don't detonate right away, but remain like scattered land mines, hanging over our heads like Damoclean swords. Everyone has to abandon their homes. You and I lose our homes in the raids. Insurance doesn't cover acts of war, so either we lose our life savings, or we're committed to paying for a house that no longer exists. The bombs kill one or more members of your family. And on top of all this, bin Laden is nowhere to be found. They've destroyed your life savings and killed one of you, and for no meaningful purpose whatsoever. Or that's how it would probably seem to us, who have paid the price.
    I also putting myself in the places of those victims of the Taliban who are desperate with no food, no shelter, no warm clothing, and winter coming on.
    Tommie Jean and I will make some donations to Afghan aid organizations such as UNICEF and "Doctors without Borders". A list of some of these agencies is given at Afghanistan Refugee Relief.. 
    Perhaps this Christmas, it will be time to give "The Gift of the Magi".
    I've wondere
d if the U. S. couldn't help Pakistan and Iran with their loads of Afghan refugees.   

10/23/2001:  Here are three papers that might help someone plan personally for chemical and biological warfare attacks: 10/22/2001:Disaster Plan For Your Family - ABC, 10/23/2001:What should you do? - US News, and 10/21/2001:Experts Say Spores Won't Spread in Ventilation System - NY Times.
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