Intermediate Word:  skerry (a) small rocky island  (b game of ninepins  (c) windshield/paint scraper (d) high flat-topped tor
Difficult Word: - gramarye - (a)
a grassy meadow  (b) occult learning  (c) fitted base in which weights are stored  (d) winning hand in whist

New Mexico Spaceport: Getting Down To Business - Space.com  Bransonís Virgin Galactic will locate its world headquarters and mission control for its personal spaceflight business at the Southwest Regional Spaceport complex. The facility will be built upon a 27-square-mile site in Upham. Construction will begin in 2007 and should be completed by 2009/2010. Virgin Galactic officials estimate some 50,000 customers will fly into space in the first ten years of operation.    
New gadgets make waves in Vegas   - BBC  Celestron has taken its background in making telescopes, to come up with a handheld gizmo that can identify thousands of objects in the sky. The SkyScout uses GPS technology to work out the location of celestial objects that can be seen with the naked eye and find out what it is you are looking out. "It is like a planetarium except that you are actually looking at the stars," said Celestron's Jennifer Adams. The unit has a built-in database with some 6,000 entries. But it can be updated via its USB port or the SD memory card slot. The product has been in development for three years and is expected to hit the shops in the US in March.  

New gadgets make waves in Vegas  - BBC  Video game makers often talk about creating immersive games where players can lose themselves in virtual worlds. A company called eMagin believes the answer lies not so much in the games, but in how they are viewed. It has come up with a 3D visor that uses two micro displays to create a stereo vision of a game. The headset has a tracking system using gyroscopes that lets players look around a game by moving the head from side to side. "Most PC games will work with it," he said, adding it would also work on the new Microsoft Xbox 360. The company has been selling the headset via its website since July.

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