Intermediate Word:  spar (a) pole  (b airfoil  (c) lacquer solvent (d) type of pine tree
Difficult Word: - fascine - (a)
a lewd  (b) dictatorial  (c) bundle of sticks tied together  (d) foaming at the mouth

Whales Found to Speak in Dialects - Live Science  Some whale species sing in different dialects depending on where they're from, a new study shows. Blue whales off the Pacific Northwest sound different than blue whales in the western Pacific Ocean, and these sound different than those living off Antarctica. And they all sound different than the blue whales living near Chile. "The difference is really striking, but we don't know if it is tied to genetics, or some other reason," Mellinger said.   
Getting it right The winners and losers in the world of technology in 2005  - BBC  That I'm slightly disappointed because I can't get online from the skies over France shows just how much the network has penetrated into our daily lives, at least here in the developed western world, and how we now notice the places where we can't get access instead of those where we can. More often than not, I am using wi-fi to get online, and I was clearly wrong a couple of years ago when I argued that wireless was not going to be a disruptive technology. I had ignored the network effects that happen when a significant proportion of devices get wireless capability.    

Top Science Stories of 2005: A Year of Incredible Impact - Live Science  
The Hurricane Nightmare Comes True:
The busiest hurricane season on record brought the most intense Atlantic storm ever recorded and ran several days beyond its official Nov. 30 end, while scientists provided the first solid evidence that global warming might be fueling more powerful storms. These were all big stories in and of themselves, yet none will stick with us like the memory of Katrina, the most destructive storm ever to strike the United States and a long-predicted nightmare for resident of New Orleans. Nature's wrath forced scientists and officials to assess preparedness for other dramatic natural threats the country could face

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