Intermediate Word:  Cerberus (a) Roman general who lost to Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae  (b mountain in Sicily  (c) Charon's three-headed dog  (d) U. S. submarine sunk by Axis forces the day after Pearl Harbor
Difficult Word: - slatch - (a)
a lull in a storm or in breaking waves  (b) failure to respond to a legal notice  (c) the empty volume in a ship's cargo bay  (d) a non-binding latch, like a magnet

The wow factor: Why the new game consoles could herald a golden age  - BBC  The new generation of game consoles have the processing power to herald a golden age of gaming, argues leading game maker David Braben. "Many of us have now seen Microsoft's new games console, the Xbox 360, and have been impressed by the crispness of the high definition displays and beautiful imagery, but we have not yet seen a true 'fifth generation' game. A similar transition happened in the early 1930s in the film industry. In the 1920s, films were almost pure spectacle, and that spectacle became ever more extreme to keep the audiences coming back."   
Tunnel vision Most powerful physics experiment takes shape underground  - BBC  Left: Cern's Atlas detector will search for the elusive "God particle"  "We are at a point where experiments must guide us, we cannot make progress without them," explains Jim Virdee, a particle physicist at Imperial College London. In the 1970s, the theory known as the Standard Model was considered a triumph of theoretical physics. Today it is regarded as incomplete. The Standard Model cannot explain the best known of the so-called four fundamental forces: gravity; and it describes only ordinary matter, which makes up but a small part of the total Universe.   

Internet lampposts to be trialled  - BBC  Smart lampposts that could provide high-speed internet access are set to go on trial in Dundee, Scotland. Backers of the project plan to install up to 4,000 lampposts  in a student village to be built for the university. The idea will combine lampposts with solar energy and wi-fi wireless internet access. The lampposts will use light-emitting diode (LED) technology to provide bright light using low power derived from solar cells "With only a fraction of the installation and running costs of conventional street lights, councils could use smart lampposts to provide street light while selling, or even providing free internet access to local residents

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