Intermediate Word: 
defenestration  (a) lowering of barriers  (b) disarming  (c) throwing out the window  (d) disinterment
Difficult Word: - anomie- (a) collapse of personal or societal order  (b) the pressure head in an anemometer  (c) feelings of contempt  (d) highest praise

'Human' Mad Cow Usually Not Tied to Diet - ABC  Eating Meat From Diseased Cattle Usually Doesn't Cause Mad Cow in Humans, Health Experts Say. The news is full of concern that people can develop the brain disease by eating food products from cattle with mad cow disease. Only about 150 cases of the human disease linked to mad cow, known as "variant" CJD, have been counted worldwide since it was first formally described in 1996. (The vast majority of those cases are in the United Kingdom.
Plane interior Brits stock up on jet lag remedy  - BBC   Increasing numbers of travel-weary Brits are stocking up on remedy for jet lag which is still not widely available in the UK. Melatonin is sold over-the-counter in the US to help with sleep disorders and jetlag. It is also widely available on the internet. Many people swear by the benefits, but others have pointed to evidence that the hormone can produce side effects, including a drop in lung function in asthmatics. "Some experts say, for example, that it might be dangerous for people with epilepsy or Parkinson's and that it stimulates white blood cell production and can cause leukaemia". 

Net pioneer Vint Cerf receiving an award at UCL in London

Future gazing: Net pioneer Vint Cerf outlines what the internet will do next  - BBC  The internet is set to become the basis for just about every form of communication, according to net pioneer Vint Cerf, and he should know what he is talking about. To begin with, he thinks, the net will stop being a part of the telephone network. Instead the telephone network will become a part of the net. In Japan NTT's profits have been dented because people can call much more cheaply via the Yahoo BB VoIP service they get as part of their ADSL subscription. Other key areas revolve around novel naming systems that allow objects other than web servers and net domains to become part of the net.


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