SAT-Practice Word of the Day: fallow
Intermediate Word of the Day: termagant
Difficult Word of the Day: tercel

          FOUR SONNETS - IV

The value of my love is what you will.
It is no more nor less than you require,
Whether it is a jewel shot with fire
Or graying ashes blown across the sill.
Whether the heart be wide as heaven's own hill,
Wondrously starred, or narrow as the brier
That nags the flesh, it is as you desire
And what it is is your possession still.

As much your own as mine, as much a part
Of what you are as it is part of me,
And worth no more than it is worth to you.
Devaluate the love, despise the heart,
But you must share in my catastrophe
For if I am beggared, you are beggared, too.