Intermediate Word:  blintz (a) red roundworm  (b someone overweight  (c) Hot beverage consisting of green tea, chocolate, coffee, honey and lemon juice  (d) cheese-filled pastry
Difficult Word: - decussate - (a)
totally exhausted  (b) decumbent  (c) roguish  (d) X-shaped

Satellite Launch To Boost Direct-To-Home TV In India - SpaceDaily  The successful launch Thursday of India's heaviest satellite from spaceport of Kourou in French Guyana may have boosted the country's space research efforts to yet another level, but it has also lifted the spirits of at least three Direct-To-Home televisions broadcasters, one of which has been waiting for years to launch its services in India. "Insat-4A is the most advanced, heaviest and powerful satellite and it's a very important milestone in the history of India's space program" said Madhavan Iyer, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization. "This is going to revolutionize TV broadcasting directly to the homes and improve the entertainment scenario in India." DTH services were first proposed in India in 1996, but due to concerns of national security and a cultural invasion -- from mainly the Western countries -- it did not pass approval of the Indian government.   
Ultracold Test Produces Long-Sought Quantum Mix - SpaceDaily  Left:  This is a 3-dimensional projection of an image of a phase separated atomic cloud. The tall central (semi-transparent) region consists of paired fermionic 6 Li atoms, and is believed to be a superfluid. The shorter (opaque) peaks on either side, as well as the faint ring around the bottom, are unpaired atoms which have been expelled from the paired central region. The light in the background is a representation of the probe laser beam used to image this cloud.  For the first time, researchers at Rice University have succeeded in creating and observing an elusive and long-sought quantum state - a superfluid of fermions with mismatched numbers of dance partners. Despite more than 40 years of theoretical musings about what would occur in such a case, the result - a cluster of matched pairs surrounded by a cloud of would-be dance partners - was largely unexpected.    

SMART 1 Uses New Imaging Technique In Lunar Orbit - SpaceDaily  Left:  The AMIE camera on board SMART-1 has three fixed-mounted filters which see the Moon in different colour bands. The figure shows four consecutive images taken by AMIE from left to right. The fixed filters are indicated by coloured frames. The images, taken only a few seconds apart, show how the surface is moving through the different filters. Credits: AMIE Team.  In this mode, AMIE takes images along a line on the Moon's surface perpendicular to the ground track of the spacecraft. It relies on the orbital motion of the spacecraft to reposition it as it records a sequence of images known as an "image swath". By combining images showing the same feature on the Moon as seen through different filters, colour information can be obtained. 

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