Intermediate Word:  intransigent -  (a) stubborn  (b) unable to transit from one stage to the next  (c) lacking handles  (d) incomplete
Difficult Word: - eglantine  (a) climbing vine in the eggplant family  (b) a rich milk-and-egg beverage  (c) an embroidered antimacassar  (d) a richly-embroidered silken shawl

Scan Method to detect cancer spread - BBC  A technique for determining whether cancer has spread could save many patients from surgery. It involves injecting tiny magnetic particles designed to accumulate within certain cancerous tissues. It involves injecting tiny magnetic particles designed to accumulate within certain cancerous tissues. Medical director Professor John Toy said: "The technique shows early promise that it may be able to pick up nodes that are involved with cancer spreading, without the need for a surgeon's scalpel. But it's not a very large study and the results showed that 8% of patients came up positive when they were not."  
The Inspiration steam car design Steam engines could be eco hope - BBC  Water is passed through a steam generator where it is heated by burning propane gas into superheated steam at 400C and at 40-bar pressure (4 million Pa). That steam is then fed into four nozzles on a two-stage turbine arrangement. It sounds simple enough, but there were big challenges technologically to generate enough power in such a small vehicular space - 300 brake horsepower to be precise. The inventor, Glynn Bowsher, can imagine the engine design being used in diesel-based commercial vehicles which belch out a large proportion of pollution, like buses and lorries.  

SS1 climbs into the sky (AFP

Virgin soars to new frontier - BBC  Rutan is toying with designs to accommodate up to eight passengers at a time, with enough upgrades to warrant a ticket in the 104,000 ($200,000) price range. The partnership that built SpaceShipOne, Mojave Aerospace Ventures, has its first paying customer: Sir Richard Branson. The backbone of the Branson venture, called Virgin Galactic, will be five vehicles based on SS2. Each will be capable of flying at least five and more likely around eight people at one time. Rutan is aiming for a top altitude of between 84 and 87 miles (135-140 km), rather than the 62-mile (100km) target required to win the Ansari X-Prize competition. 

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