SAT-Practice Word of the Day: mollify
Intermediate Word of the Day: umbrage
Difficult Word of the Day: campestral

          FOUR SONNETS - II

Not all who kissed and clung and went away
Were so unkind. Not all who left my side
Have had too much of anger or of pride
To come again, as birds return in May
To the known bough, the remembered spray.
And still they come, unwelcomed and denied,
Where the year's flowering grasses lean to hid
The broken shell, the feather in the clay.

Oh, not for these I summoned forth the spring
And set the wild white plum upon the hill.
I seek among the uninvited guests
One stormy throat, one swift, defiant wing,
And know for whom the grieving wind leaves still
One nest intact among the scattered nests.

        --"Window to the South."
                  Vivian Smallwood