Intermediate Word:  carotid -  (a) pillar in the form of a woman  (b)   (c) major neck artery  (d) Ukrainian foot-soldier
Difficult Word: - passe partout  (a) passport   (b) severance pay  (c) permission to leave the king's presence  (d) lateral move of a king (chess) to avoid checkmate

Idaho Professor Laments Forgotten Titan Experiment - Space.com  David Atkinson spent 18 years designing an experiment for the unmanned space mission to Saturn. Now some pieces of it are lost in space. Someone forgot to turn on the instrument Atkinson needed to measure the winds on Saturn's largest moon. "The story is actually fairly gruesome," the University of Idaho scientist said in an e-mail from Germany, the headquarters of the European Space Agency. "It was human error - the command to turn the instrument on was forgotten." There is hope that some of his data survived. "We do have Channel B data and although driven by a very poor and unstable oscillator, we may be able to get a little bit of data," he wrote.    
Mars Rover's Meteorite Discovery Triggers Questions - Space.com  The discovery of an iron meteorite sitting on Mars by NASA’s Opportunity rover has kick-started a wide-ranging discussion as to what the find may be telling us about the planet itself, past water conditions there, and just how peppered the red planet might be with the fallen objects. Roughly the size of a basketball, the object is mostly made of iron and nickel, and is the first meteorite of any type ever identified on another planet.     

Alarm at new climate warning   - BBC  Temperatures around the world could rise by as much as 11C, according to one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run. This figure is twice the level that previous studies have suggested. The results of the study, which used PCs around the world to produce data, are published in the journal Nature. Each PC runs a slightly different computer simulation examining what happens to the global climate if levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere double from pre-industrial levels- which may happen by the middle of the century. The lowest rise which climateprediction.net finds possible is 2C, ranging up to 11C. 

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