Intermediate Word:  videlicet  (a) "I came, saw, and conquered"  (b) good-looking  (c) transparent  (d) viz. ("namely")
Difficult Word: - alcazar -  a) mayor  (b) theater  (c) fortress  (d) city hall

X-ray Echo: Astronomers Catch Remnants of Cosmic Shout - Space.com   British astronomers have detected the remains of such an event, a distant powerful gamma ray burst that sent out a booming X-ray echo in the form of two concentric radiation rings propagating through space. It's the first time astronomers have seen an X-ray echo from a gamma ray burst. Gamma ray bursts, or GRBs, are the most powerful explosions in the universe. 
New NASA Data Release Invites You To Explore Two Vast Continents - SpaceDaily  Left:  This perspective view shows the major volcanic group of Bali, one 13,000 islands comprising the nation of Indonesia. The conical mountain to the left is Gunung Agung, at 3,148 meters (10,308 feet) the highest point on Bali and an object of great significance in Balinese religion and culture. Agung underwent a major eruption in 1963 after more than 100 years of dormancy, resulting in the loss of over 1,000 lives. Full view.  Eurasia, Index Map and Colored Height  Mount Ararat, Turkey, With Landsat Overlay  Mts. Agung and Batur, Bali, Relief and Height Coded   Marco Polo. Alexander the Great. They were some of history's most prolific explorers, each trekking across sweeping stretches of Europe and Asia in their lifetimes. But these greats of world history have nothing on you, thanks to a new topographic data set from NASA and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. You now can explore the vast reaches of most of Europe, Asia and numerous islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


Weighty thoughts: Scientists examine if obesity is all in the mind  - BBC  As the global obesity epidemic spreads, and the UK's Food Standards Agency prepares to debate the increasing number of overweight children, all eyes are fixed firmly on expanding waistlines. But should we be looking elsewhere in the body for the real secrets behind this considerable health threat? Scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Newcastle-upon-Tyne are about to embark on one of the biggest studies of its kind into the role the brain plays in making people fat. The theory behind it is that many people fail to lose weight, not because they cannot stop eating, but because the brain will not let them do so.


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