Intermediate Word:  droshky -  (a) dining room sideboard  (b) four-wheeled open carriage  (c) overcoat with cowled hood  (d) Ukrainian foot-soldier
Difficult Word: - dressage  (a) couturier   (b) guiding horse through complex maneuvers  (c) process of preparing meat for sale  (d) clothes used in modeling

Massive Object Calls Planet Discoveries into Question - Space.com  The first precise measurement of a failed star known as a brown dwarf finds the object is much more massive than theorists expected. It is at least 88 times as massive as Jupiter. The result challenges what astronomers assumed about these strange things. Astronomers have been scrambling to figure out where to draw the line between a giant gas planet and a brown dwarf.      
Methane World Is Truely Titanic - SpaceDaily  Left:  Titan continues to puzzle scientists who speculate about whether the darker regions are oily lakes. Credit: NASA/JPL.  "Methane must be continually resupplied to the atmosphere - which we were pretty sure was the case already, because you can calculate that it's disappearing as a result of photochemical reactions. The lifetime of what's there, the amount of methane there, is only 10 or 20 million years.  ...we don't have a clear indication of open bodies of liquid hydrocarbons - yet. We see some intriguing possibilities, things that look like lakes or seas. But we don't know that they're liquid. ...we do see these river channels, which indicate that liquids have been flowing over the surface. And those liquids must be the hydrocarbons. It's not a passive world. There is some internal energy that's being dissipated and causing these geological formations. It's not rivers of water running around. But it's rivers." 

Mars Society Canada Urges Canadian Involvement In Worldwide Space Initiatives - SpaceDaily  Mars Society Canada have prepared a position paper on Canada Joining the International Thrust in Space Exploration, in which they explain why greater support of the Canadian Space Agency has become so important for Canada, and for the betterment of its citizens' lives. "Other nations have expressed further interest in exploring the solar system; and consequently, their goals and space programs have seen great changes. However, if Canada wishes to participate and also reap the priceless rewards of space exploration, then we must act swiftly."

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