Intermediate Word:  tundra -  (a) an Eskimo sled  (b) an Eskimo boot  (c) Arctic prairie between the tree line and the ice cap  (d) a dun color
Difficult Word: - karyokinesis  (a) the fusing of two gametes  (b) the motile activity of a spermatozoon  (c) mitosis  (d) the fusing of two karyotypes

Esa's SMART-1 testing solar electric propulsion and studying the Moon  (Image: Esa) High expectations In a flat market, where does the global rocket industry go?  - BBC  Left:  Satellite technology is improving quickly. It has been a rocky few years for the companies that launch the world's satellites, and it has been an especially testing time for the dominant commercial player, Arianespace. In January, Arianespace's heavyweight "workhorse" rocket launches in one of two qualifying flights to prove it is back in the game after a disastrous maiden mission. The satellite launch market is just starting to come out of a global slump, according to analysts. On average, there were 26 launches of GEO satellites. Between 1998 and 2003, the "golden age" was ending and launches had tailed off to an average of 20 a year. It is not just market forces that have been to blame, however; better technology has impacted the market, too. "Satellites now are much better than 10 years ago. Transponder capability has increased. There are much more megabits per signal traffic than 10 or 15 years ago." "If you go back in history, there is a cycle," he says. "It is produced by the fact that satellites have a lifetime. In the 80s, it was about seven years; by the 90s, it was 10, and some are now lasting 20 years. However, many satellites are coming up to their replacement age in the next few years.
Screen grab of The Political Machine game, Ubisoft Online games play with politics  - BBC  After bubbling under for some time, online games broke through onto the political arena in 2004. The first official political campaign game was technically launched during the last week of 2003: the Iowa Game, commissioned by the Democrat hopeful Howard Dean. More than 20 followed suit, including Frontrunner, eLections, President Forever and The Political Machine, which allowed players to run an entire presidential campaign, including having to cope with the media. Many artists and designers are experimenting with this form of gaming with an agenda in projects such as newsgaming.com.   


Broadband soars in 2004  - BBC  If broadband were a jumbo jet, then 2003 would have seen it taxiing down the runway, firing up its engines and preparing for take-off. But this year has seen it soar. When operators such as BT and Telewest offered standard 512K broadband for less than 20 at the beginning of the year, it was as if an invisible barrier had been breached - broadband had truly gone mass market. Broadband for less than 10 was even touted by some firms, although such a low price raised eyebrows among more established companies questioning how they are able to sustain such business models.  

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