Intermediate Word: 
incommodious  (a) not accepting new residents  (b) not shaped like a commode  (c)  uncomfortable  (d) short
Difficult Word: - agrestic - (a) incompletely formed  (b) rustic  (c) slow to comprehend  (d) rococo

Wanted: 'Space Depot' For The Rocket Builders - SpaceDaily  Left:  A production line for GPS birds at Lockheed Martin shows that commoditized approach to space has its benefits.  Why isn't there a 'Space Depot' of sorts? A place where a company could buy whatever components they needed for their rocket projects, pay reasonable rates for the materials and get good quality for their money? A space superstore for the engineer to use? Lots of our current space activity seems to be just paper shuffling and rhetoric on what we should be doing instead of actually working on the issues. Why? Because the basic terrestrial resources needed to do the job just don't exist.
High alert: UN wrangles with Peru over damage at historic Machu Picchu  - BBC  Left:  Some 400,000 arrived this year alone.   By late morning, the terraces at Machu Picchu - the jewel in the crown of Peruvian tourism - are heaving. Peruvian children charge down the stairways at this majestic 15th Century Inca citadel. Exhausted backpackers take photographs of each other amid the misty ruins at the end of the gruelling four-day Inca Trail. But the site is becoming a battle ground between the United Nations cultural agency, which wants visitor numbers more than halved, and the Peruvian authorities, which are desperate to keep precious income from tourism flowing in.

NASA, Carnegie Mellon Make Personal Robots Possible - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Personal Exploration Rover (PER) will be landing in science centers across the nation in January 2004, just when the NASA Mars Exploration Rovers begin to land and explore Mars.  As NASA's twin robot geologists Spirit and Opportunity prepare to land on Mars in January, a cadre of 20 smart rovers will be deployed at some of the nation's most prestigious science museums to let visitors experience the thrill of exploring the red planet. The new rovers will be deployed in Mars yards at the San Francisco Exploratorium; the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum in Washington and its new Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport; and the National Science Center in Augusta, Ga.


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