SAT-Practice Word of the Day: glacial
Intermediate Word of the Day: umadrigal
Difficult Word of the Day: gaur

          FOUR SONNETS - I

Not even in my dreams I see your face.
Not even when the longest day is done
And the last hill befriended by the sun
Lengthens into a secret, shadowed place;
When voices that I loved a little space
Trouble the darkness, and the shapless stone
Assumes a shape and being not its own--
Not even then do you seek your accustomed place.

I have forgiven with what grace I could
That you are gone. I have not cursed the day,
And none can say I charged you with my pain.
But I have not forgiven nor understood
Why even in my dreams you turn away
Lest I shoud look into your eyes again.

        --"Window to the South."
                  Vivian Smallwood