Intermediate Word:  Momus -  (a) famed Roman engineer  (b) island between Sicily and Italy  (c) fertility god (Fewast of Momus)  (d) god of blame and ridicule
Difficult Word: - Merino  (a) Italian town next to Monaco   (b) type of sheep  (c) type of cheese  (d) Alpine monastery known for its fine wines

Image of fish Pupils road test brain food pills  - BBC  Schoolchildren have volunteered to be 'guinea pigs' in a study to show if taking fish oils boosts brain power. More than 34 youngsters at Loftus Junior School, in Saltburn, East Cleveland, are taking the pills in yoghurt drinks. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is said to have a range of health benefits including boosting the ability to learn, reducing the chances of a heart attack and improving foetal growth in pregnant women. The three-month project has only been running for three weeks, but already anecdotal evidence suggests pupils' handwriting, memory and concentration have improved.   
Image of salad Plant diets can ward off cancer  - BBC  Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and limited amounts of red meat and sugary foods is the way to protect against cancer, say researchers. Three separate studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association show the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet. As well as protecting against bowel cancer, eating a plant-based diet is good for the heart, say experts. Such diets offered no extra protection against breast cancer, however. But US research released days ago showed adding olive oil to your diet can cut the risk of developing breast cancer.  

Brain image

Alzheimer brain damage 'reversed'  - BBC  Scientists have reversed the damage caused to the brain by Alzheimer's disease during tests on mice. The US team used an antibody to remove the build up of potentially damaging deposits from the area of the brain responsible for memory and cognition. The treatment reversed the nerve cell damage in days, Washington University School of Medicine researchers said. Prior to the study, it was thought that once the damage had been caused to the brain there was no way of repairing it. "   in just three days there were 20 to 25% reductions in the number or six of the existing swellings."

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