Intermediate Word:  palaquin  (a) covered litter  (b) protagonist  (c) hex-shaped game board  (d) comic dancer
Difficult Word: - paraclete -  a) esthete  (b) the Holy Ghost  (c) abstemious cleric  (d) type of crampon

Interstellar Espionage- While We're Watching Mars, Could Someone be Watching Us? - Space.com  Have aliens sent mechanical emissaries to our solar system -- robotic probes on a snoopy mission to reconnoiter Earth? Itís certainly an intriguing idea: sophisticated spy satellites from light-years away monitoring our planet, watching the slow evolution of life, and reporting back to their alien masters. Allen Tough, at the University of Toronto, has urged that we take the idea seriously enough to make a search for these alien "bugs." 
Think Tank Warns Against Space Weapons Systems - Space.com  Satellites orbiting high above Earth are a crucial resource for the U.S. military in terms of communications, reconnaissance and global positioning. But a new report warns that too much of a space military presence, mainly the use of space-based weapons systems, may inevitably cause more problems than they're meant to solve. Should the U.S. military "weaponize" space, the report states, it will most likely be affect global commerce, weaken American ties with other nations and eventually lead to space weapons proliferation.    

Cosmic Rays Are Not The Cause Of Climate Change, Scientists Say - SpaceDaily  Eleven Earth and space scientists say that a recent paper attributing most climate change on Earth to cosmic rays is incorrect and based on questionable methodology. y hypothesis. According to Rahmstorf, Shaviv and Veizer's analyses--and especially their conclusions--are scientifically ill-founded. The data on cosmic rays and temperature so far in the past are extremely uncertain, he says. Further, their reconstruction of ancient cosmic rays is based on only 50 meteorites, and most other experts interpret their significance in a very different way, he says. Even if their analysis were methodologically correct, their work applied to time scales of several million years.


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