Intermediate Word:  alleviate -  (a) make more bearable  (b) to sort by size  (c) to wear away  (d) filter
Difficult Word: - sambar  (a) embroidered Japanese housecoat  (b) S. E. Asian deer  (c) master of horse  (d) high-necked tea pot

Blazing Speed: The Fastest Stuff in the Universe - Space.com  Astronomers are now measuring stuff -- material, matter, things -- that moves at so close to the speed of light you might think it'd make Einstein a bit nervous. Last week at a meeting here of the American Astronomical Society, scientists announced they had measured blobs in blazar jets screaming through space at 99.9 percent of light-speed. Measurements of cosmic rays put their speed at 99.9 c followed by 19 more nines.  
Image of tea Camomile tea for aches and ills  - BBC  Five cups a day for a fortnight is enough to boost urine levels of substances that can ease muscle spasms and fight inflammation. For years, people have used camomile as an anti-inflammatory, a mild sedative and as an anti-ulcer remedy. It has also been reported to have anti-oxidant activity and the essential oil extracted from the chamomile flowers has been shown to possess antimicrobial activity. Drinking tea caused levels of both glycine, which can ease muscle spasms, and the anti-inflammatory hippurate in the urine to go up. Levels of glycine and hippurate remained elevated for up to two weeks. 

The 'Inkjet' cell printer

Skin and bones 'made to measure'  - BBC  Scientists are developing an inkjet printer that can create "made to measure" skin and bones to treat people with severe burns or disfigurements. The University of Manchester team say the inkjets will be able to "print out" tailor-made human cells to fit a patient's exact dimensions. Human cells are suspended in a nutrient-rich liquid before being printed out in several thin layers. Project leaders say the method could be used to build an organ in a day.The printers create three-dimensional structures, known as tissue scaffolds. They are made up of several thin layers of human cells, each 10 microns thick.

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