Intermediate Word:  Peleponesian - pertaining to (a) the equatorial islands of Micronesia  (b) southern Greece  (c) western Persia  (d) the Peleponesian dynasty
Difficult Word: - falchion  (a) gimbaled mounting for compass  (b) pole in buses and subway cars that passengers can grip  (c) hawk-family bird of prey  (d) short broadsword

Possible Breakthrough Study of Material from Beyond Our Galaxy - Space.com  For decades, astronomers have sought to pin down a source for ultra high-energy cosmic rays. It appears the first source has been located, a finding that would be considered a major breakthrough in the field. The distant sources must be among the more powerful events in the universe If proved out, it represents the first time scientists are able to study a known object from beyond our galaxy by examining actual material  
Samsung Introduces World's First 3-Dimensional Movement Recognition Phone - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Samsung SCH-S310 mobile phone, the world's first "3D movement recognition" mobile phone. Photo credit: Business Wire.  'Accelerometer' is built in to accurately calculate and ascertain movement in three dimensional space and then carry out commands according to those calculations. Sophisticated sensing technology calculates the direction in which the mobile phone is moving as well as its speed of movement. The capability extends beyond the identification of the general locus to include precise recognition of small and rapid movements as well as alphanumeric symbols. User interface: The user can "write" the number "three" in the air. The mobile phone can read this movement and then dial "3." Shaking the phone twice will conclude a call or delete spam messages.

The first prototype of the Airbus A380

'Triumph of design': The world's largest plane to reveal the future of flying?   - BBC  Left:  As wide as a football field is long.  The A-380 is the world's first two-decker aircraft, typically seating 555, with a maximum "cattle-class" seating capacity of 840 (compared to 415 in a Boeing 747). Its flight range is 15,000 km., or about 1,500 km. greater than a 747. Its cabin width is about 48 cms. or about 1.6 feet wider than a 747. The A-380 cost $12 to develop, with generous subsidies from the EU. Airlines have so far purchased 129 of these behemoths. The UK's BAE Systems owns a fifth of the Airbus company, with France and Germany as its two principal shareholders.

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