Intermediate Word:  vendetta (a) vindictive feud  (b a verbal summary or "snapshot"  (c) a small-scale trade fair  (d) a vending machine court
Difficult Word: -Sahel - (a)
Arabian desert  (b) coastal plain in Mozambique  (c) savanna bordering a desert  (d) ancient Egyptian general 

Engineers Create Mathematical Method To Design Better Robots, Structures - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image shows a "multiple-platform" robot design that illustrates the practical use of "dual theorems" that combine the mathematics of civil and mechanical engineering, promising to enable the creation of better structures, robot manipulators and machines. Now, a mechanical engineer at Purdue University and a civil engineer at Tel Aviv University in Israel have created new theorems that combine the mathematics of both kinematics and statics. The dual theorems could enable civil engineers to design structures that better withstand the forces and "moments" associated with motions, such as those caused by earthquakes, perhaps at less expense than today's designs. The theorems also could be used to design a new class of multiple-platform robots.
Spitzer Finds Comet Dust Around Dead Star - SpaceDaily  NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted what may be comet dust sprinkled around the white dwarf star G29-38, which died approximately 500 million years ago. The findings suggest the dead star, which most likely consumed its inner planets, is still orbited by a ring of surviving comets and possibly outer planets. This is the first observational evidence that comets can outlive their suns. Astronomers believe white dwarfs are shrunken skeletons of stars that were once similar to Earth's sun. As the stars aged over billions of years, they grew brighter and eventually swelled in size to become red giants. Millions of years later, the red giants shed their outer atmospheres, leaving behind white dwarfs.    

27 Left In Malaysia's Race To Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  A woman walks by batik cloth sold on the streets in Kuala Lumpur, 08 March 2005. By 2007, Malaysia aims to send not only its first astronaut to space but also a piece of local culture and delicacy  The race to become the first Malaysian astronaut is picking up, with only 27 candidates left fighting to be sent to space, reports The Star Online. From the initial 894 hopefuls last year, only 25 male and two female candidates will move on to the next round of the selection process. Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis said it would begin on Jan 16 and end on Jan 26. "It will be divided into three phases."  

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