Intermediate Word:  philander (a) to casually engage in love affairs  (b to engage in male homosexual affairs  (c) to express a love for humanity  (d) to collect rare stamps
Difficult Word: -entracte - (a)
to be sold with the property it's on  (b) embedded  (c) legally binding  (d) entertainment between acts 

Spinning Black Hole Leaves Dent In Space-Time - SpaceDaily  MIT scientists and colleagues have found a black hole that has chiseled a remarkably stable indentation in the fabric of space and time, like a dimple in one's favorite spot on the sofa. The finding may help scientists measure a black hole's mass and how it spins, two long-sought measurements, by virtue of the extent of this indentation. Using NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer, the team saw identical patterns in the X-ray light emitted near the black hole nine years apart, as captured in archived data from 1996 and in a new, unprecedented 550-hour observation from 2005.     
LIGO Up And Running, But Gravity Waves Remain Elusive - SpaceDaily  Scientists working on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory said Monday the facility has reached its target detection sensitivity, but the goal of finding the elusive phenomena known as gravity waves remains as elusive as ever. The instruments are able to resolve sudden distortions in space-time as small as 10 -18 meter, or one-thousandth the diameter of a proton. But even such astounding sensitivity is not sufficient to catch most cosmological events that could cause gravity waves. But that will soon improve by a factor of 1,000.    

Scooba cleaning robot, BBC

Cool tools: Gadgets to clean floors and chill consoles went on show at CES  - BBC  Left:  iRobots floor-mopping robot.  The Roomba vacuum cleaner bot from iRobot has been on sale for three years. It used sensors to work its way around the home and scoop up dirt. The company has reportedly sold 1.2 million of them since launch. Now the iRobot has created the Scooba, priced at $399.95. The machine is designed to take the place of the mop and bucket. Fill it up with detergent and it will automatically wash, scrub dry the floor. The robot can only handle hard floor surfaces, so if it wanders near a carpet, it will either turn away or

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