SAT-Practice Word of the Day: emaciated
Intermediate Word of the Day: palatine
Difficult Word of the Day: hendiasis

             LAST HARVEST

Now comes another year of bitter fruit
and scanty harvest. Every golden root
Retrieves its sap, and every blade and leaf
Cries to the wind. Against the ancient grief
Of wide bare sky and wide dark-furrowed field
The goldenrod lifts high its useless shield
And knows itself defeated.
Wild geese crossed
Against the air at dawn, and one by one
The thin leaves caught the colors of the sun.
How carefully we wrought against this hour,
Planted the seed and tended the flower,
And loved our long, green acres! How we dared
Defy the forest's thrust, and faced the bared
Dark hatred of the stone! But not again
Will hope be born of sun and April rain
And warm earth quick withg promise.
Fields may lie
Fallow from spring to spring, and orchards cry
Beneath their weight of branches. Vines may fall
Barren and humbled from a broken wall
And, uncontested now, the weeds attain
This land we loved. We shall not dream again.