SAT-Practice Word of the Day: elucidate
Intermediate Word of the Day: dinkum
Difficult Word of the Day: kyphosis


When, in the urgent noontime of desire,
I ventured forth, with neither hat nor glove,
A foolish woman straying from the fire
And blinking in the sunlight of your love,
I never thought the shadow at my feet
Could lengthen so, it was so small a thing.
I never thought the day would be so fleet
Nor wondered what a far-off night would bring.

But night has come, too bitter-black for frost,
And here I stand, ill-dressed in summer sheer,
Upon the highest hill my path has crossed
Beneath the coldest sky of all the year.
And here I stay, with no place else to go,
No stars above me and no lamps below.

        --"Window to the South."
                  Vivian Smallwood