Intermediate Word:  draconian -  (a) pertaining to the constellation "Draco"; hence: southerly  (b) forward-looking  (c) exceedingly harsh  (d) brilliantly executed
Difficult Word: - sagittal plane  (a) plane that divides a bilaterally symmetric organism  (b) plane dividing the galactic "north" from the galactic "south"  (c) plane dividing the midbrain from the brain stem  (d) plane running through the Greenwich Meridian  

South Korea Claims World's Smartest Robot - SpaceDaily  Left: This undated handout photo released 06 January 2005 in Seoul shows what a team of South Korean experts claim is the world's first network-based humanoid. The robot is supposed to be highly intelligent and capable of walking, shaking hands and chatting with people.  It can recognize its master, detect and analyze visual and audio signals, and people's movements. When showed a 10,000 won (10 dollars) bank note, it said: "That's a 10,000 bank note that people would like to have." When asked about its name, it said: "I am sorry. I don't have a name yet. Please give me one." Then it waved its hands, saying: "I will see you again next time when I will have become wiser." It can walk to and fro and diagonally at a maximum speed of 0.9 kilometers (0.56 miles) per hour. "This robot could be used in the future as an assistant at home and offices who is highly intelligent and always ready to serve you."
Tsunami-Hit Nations To Get Warning System - SpaceDaily    Left: Illustration of the existing Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis System- which none of the Asian nations in the Indian Ocean are presently equipped with.  Most of the Asian nations battered by the tsunamis were taken by surprise when the waves wrecked havoc following the 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the tip of Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Despite the time difference between nations and the travel hours taken by the giant waves, there was no communication between the Asian countries over the impending disaster. The Asian nations in Indian Ocean are not equipped with any tsunami warning system like the one based in the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, that was set up in 1949. None of the Dec. 26 tsunami-hit nations are part of the 26-member PTWC group.       

Smart Bombs To Blast Tumours - SpaceDaily  Nanoscale polymer capsules could one day be used to deliver chemotherapy direct to tumours, leaving adjacent tissue unscathed. The capsules would be designed to rupture when heated by a low-energy laser pulse, delivering their payload right where it is needed. Anti-cancer drugs would be more effective, and the side effects less severe, if they could home in on a tumour and be delivered in a single burst. Their trick is to enclose the drug in polymer capsules that are peppered with gold nanoparticles and attached to tumour-seeking antibodies. When injected into the bloodstream, the capsules will concentrate inside tumours.  

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