Intermediate Word: 
timbrel  (a) type of flute  (b) primitive tambourine  (c) wheeled cart  (d) corner cross-brace
Difficult Word: - abigail -  a) spinster  (b) dust ruffle  (c) lady's maid  (d) hoop for skirt

Colliding Galaxies Galaxies Collide, Make Life's Building Blocks - Space.com  A pair of colliding galaxies is flush with the building blocks for planets and ultimately life, astronomers announced this week. The galaxies, known as the Antennae for their appearance, are filled with the raw materials that could one day lead to habitable planets and the stars to warm them. The abundance of such enriched materials is 10 times what astronomers see in the interstellar medium. 
The Moon Moon fever grips US space agency  - BBC  Left:  The Mars mission will not take place for ten years.  Mr Bush will announce the proposals next week, which will include plans for the construction of a permanent lunar space station. Howard Dean, Mr Bush's likely Democrat challenger in November's presidential elections, said the US simply might not be able to afford a new space programme. "We already have a half-a-trillion-dollar deficit. It is not worth bankrupting the country if that's what's going to happen. Correspondents say Mr Bush had been expected to propose a bold new space mission as part of his re-election campaign.   

Tiny hard drive could boost memory of phones and cameras  - BBC  Toshiba has developed a tiny hard drive which measures less than an inch across but can hold between two and four gigabytes of data. Toshiba was the first major manufacturer to come out with a 1.8-inch drive holding up to 40GB, which is used in the iPod and other MP3 players. Since then, others have raced to catch up. Hitachi and others now sell one inch hard drives that can hold 1GB to 4GB of data. "It is set to bring explosive growth in smaller and more mobile digital devices, with a host of hot new portable gadgets for the consumer."

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