Intermediate Word:  brisket -  (a) hardtack  (b) thinly sliced  (c) portable barrier  (d) chest
Difficult Word: - brioche  (a) dirge on a bagpipe  (b) brooch  (c) Scottish dance  (d) bun 

Finding Other Worlds - Space.com  Since the 1992 announcement of pulsar planets by Alex Wolszczan, more than 130 giant (Jupiter and Saturn size) planets in orbit about nearby stars have been discovered using ground-based telescopes. In 2007, NASA’s Kepler Mission will begin the space-based search for extrasolar planets. Over its planned observing lifetime, Kepler is likely to discover many hundreds of extrasolar planets both large and small.      
Evidence For Sun-Climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists - SpaceDaily  A team led by University of Maine scientists has reported finding a potential link between changes in solar activity and the Earth's climate. The authors also point to data from Greenland and the Canadian Yukon that suggest similar relationships between solar activity and the atmosphere in the northern hemisphere. They focus on years since 1400 when the Earth entered a roughly 500-year period known as the Little Ice Age. The researchers' goal is to understand what drives the Earth's climate system without taking increases in greenhouse gases into account, says Mayewski.

Climate: The Debate Is Changing - SpaceDaily  The global warming debate will shift in the United States in 2005 because evidence that the phenomenon is real has reached a crescendo. The catalyst for the shift is not some esoteric discovery by an atmospheric scientist, but a fairly simple paper by a history professor, Naomi Oreskes of the University of California, San Diego. Oreskes has found there is a "scientific consensus" on global warming - that is, it is real and it is being caused by humans. Oreskes' paper's strength is its simplicity. It is something everyone can understand, without knowing the chemistry of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  

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