Intermediate Word: 
bidet  (a) maid  (b) a brush for washing one's back  (c) a faux pas  (d) French commode that washes one's derrière
Difficult Word: - balneology - study of  (a) detecting a floating object in the body  (b) tsunamis and tidal waves  (c) seashells  (d) mineral bath therapy

Salmon Is Salmon Safe? - ABC  In research that analyzed approximately 700 farmed and wild salmon, scientists showed farmed salmon contains significantly higher levels than in wild salmon of contaminants like PCBs and dioxins. The level of toxins was high enough that the authors warned eating more than one serving of farmed salmon a month could slightly increase the risk of getting cancer later in life. Toxicologists from the Food and Drug Administration, however, say that warning was overstated. But while few have challenged the team's findings, some, including representatives from the FDA and the salmon farming industry, take issue with their advice to consumers.
Boyd's forest dragon   Stephen E Williams Climate risk 'to million species'  - BBC  Left:    Climate change could drive a million of the world's species to extinction as soon as 2050, a scientific study says. The United Nations says the prospect is also a threat to the billions of people who rely on Nature for their survival  They concluded that from 15 to 37% of all the species in the regions studied could be driven to extinction by the climate changes likely between now and 2050. Some species will no longer have any climatically suitable habitat left, and others may be unable to migrate far enough to reach hospitable surroundings.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Vegas hosts the tech of tomorrow  - BBC  The hottest gadgets for the digital generation are on show in Las Vegas. Jostling for space at the trade show are huge digital TV displays, tiny MP3 players and high-spec digital cameras. This year's show has a greater focus on digital entertainment, with giants like Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard looking to sell to the couch potato. A major theme of this year's CES will be gadgets that let you manage your libraries of digital music, video and photos. This includes an announcement about the long-awaited wrist watches which use Microsoft technology to display weather reports, news and sport.


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