Intermediate Word:  callipygian (a) greedy  (b having a shapely behind   (c) made of pigskin  (d) insulting
Difficult Word: - haw - (a)
hidden moat  (b) nictitating membrane  (c) haystack  (d) horse harness

Nano Interfaces With Cells - SpaceDaily  Scientists worldwide are developing microelectromechanical devices that can interface with biological systems: miniature robots that move with the aid of rat heart muscle cells and prostheses that link with nerves, explained Abu Samah Zuruzi,. Zuruzi and colleagues at the University of California at Santa Barbara developed a method to create spongy films of titanium dioxide anywhere from 25 to 750 nanometers thick laced with pores 50 to 200 nanometers wide. They found the rate at which cells attached to these surfaces was as much as four to five times faster than with conventional silicon dioxide or silicon nitride surfaces.         
Scientists Develop Prototype Drug To Prevent Osteoporosis Based On Cannabinoids Produced By Body - Science Daily  Left:  Normal bone tissue with CB2 receptors is seen at left. At right is bone tissue in which CB2 is absent, showing serious bone density loss. (Image courtesy of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  Substances produced in the body that act like those found in the cannabis plant help preserve bone density, according to researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Based on this finding, a prototype for a new drug to prevent osteoporsis, HU-308, which activates CB2 and slows the development of osteoporosis in mice without any psychoactive side effects has already been developed. Substances  called endocannabinoids, produced mainly in the brain and have similar effects to those of the active components in hashish and marijuana, were discovered during the last 15 years. 

Debate is swirling as wind power grows ... - MSNBC  Giant windmills are popping up on farms, scenic mountain ridges, prairie grass and Indian reservations, dramatically changing the nation's landscape and spinning a debate about where they belong. Wind power grew rapidly in 2005, becoming more competitive as natural gas prices jumped and crude oil prices reached record highs. Improved technology, a federal tax credit and pressure on utilities to use clean energy sources helped fuel the growth from coast to coast. Officials in Atlantic City, N.J., in December dedicated the nation's first coastal wind farm.    

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