Intermediate Word: 
imprecation  (a) prayer  (b) curse  (c) benediction  (d) sly remark
Difficult Word: - palynology - study of  (a) spores and pollens (b) spread and interactions of cultures  (c) relationships between instinctive animal behaviors and their environments  (d) the biological effects of intense electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields

The penetrating auditory implant First brainstem implants aim to tackle deafness - New Scientist  Two deaf women in the US have become the first people to undergo the risky procedure of having implants in their brainstems. The devices are designed to restore hearing by directly stimulating nerves.  
Movie Offers Insights In To Workings of Mysterious Microquasars - SpaceDaily  SS 433 consists of a neutron star or black hole orbited by a "normal" companion star. The powerful gravity of the neutron star or black hole is drawing material from the stellar wind of its companion into an accretion disk of material tightly circling the dense, central object prior to being pulled onto that object. This disk propels jets of subatomic particles outward from its poles. In SS 433, the particles in the jets move at 26 percent of the speed of light; in other microquasars, the jet material moves at 90-95 percent of light speed. The disk in SS 433 wobbles like a child's top, causing its jets to move in a circle every 164 days.

Steve Jobs unveils iPod mini, other software at annual Macworld Expo - Seattle Times  In his speech, Jobs unveiled a new, smaller, cheaper iPod music player, and a faster version of the company's business and academic Xserve rack-mounted server both attempts to extend Apple's lead in niche but high-dollar-volume markets. At $249 and with 4 gigabytes of storage enough to handle about 1,000 songs the mini is only slightly smaller and slightly cheaper than its $299 iPod, which was refreshed to include 15 GB of storage. 


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