Intermediate Word: 
mestizo  (a) a Mexican corn cake covered with hot sauce  (b) an attaché case  (c) European and Amerind mixed ancestry  (d) the magistrate in a Mexican circuit court
Difficult Word: - thetic- (a) dogmatic (b) preordained  (c) indeterminate  (d) ruthless

Stardust Captures the Best Comet Image Ever  - Space.com  NASA yesterday released a second close-up image of a comet taken Jan. 2 by the Stardust spacecraft. Astronomers said the dozens of photographs beamed back are the best ever made of a comet. The observations promise to help scientists unravel many remaining mysteries about the makeup and history of comets. The images of Wild 2 (pronounced "Vilt") were made during a high-speed flyby in which the robotic probe's primary mission was to capture dust. 
Astronomers Find Sun's Twin - Space.com  The Sun has a twin, astronomers announced Tuesday. The solar doppelganger hits nearly identical marks in temperature, rotation and age. Planet hunters have it on their lists, but there’s no word yet whether carbon-based folks are looking back at their star’s twin, our own Sun. The star, 18 Scorpii, sits about 47.5 light-years away in the constellation Scorpio, and has long-been suspected of being Sun-like. 

Staying Warm with 'Frozen Smoke' of Aerogel - Space.com  Left: Aerogel is the lightest solid on Earth. Often called a solid smoke because of its transparent, hazy blue appearance, the silica substance is used for insulation aboard space craft and as a collection device for interstellar and cometary dust. Click to enlarge.   Famous for being the world's lightest solid, Aerogel also is proving to be a winning material with which to fashion super insulating blankets for various applications, including the space program. Aerogel is made from the same material as glass -- only 1,000 times less dense.


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