Intermediate Word:  tergiversation (a) shaking hard  (b equivocation   (c) can dish it out but can't take it  (d) banter
Difficult Word: - neritic - (a)
pertaining to the waters of a shoreline  (b) oviparous  (c) clinging to the underside  (d) can pass through a fretted glass filter

Ocean currents flip out  - Nature  The circulation of the deep oceans reversed abruptly some 55 million years ago, according to a study of fossilized sea creatures. This rings alarm bells about today's climate change, because the reversal coincided with a period of global warming driven by greenhouse gases. Recent studies have suggested that the circulation of the North Atlantic could be weakened by the influx of fresh water from melting polar ice. As this watery conveyor belt also brings warm water northwards from the tropics, some scientists fear that a major shift in the circulation could plunge western Europe into a deep freeze.      
Ophthalmologists Prove Existence Of Geodesic Structures Called CLANs Inside Human Body - Science Daily  Left:  A meshwork cell in the eye.  A team of ophthalmologists at the University of Liverpool has become the first in the world to image geodesic structures called CLANs inside the human body.CLANs is an acronym for Cross-linked Actin Networks. They are formed from the components which maintain the structure of individual cells and are known to change the shape, function and life cycle of cultured cells. CLANs cause cells to become rigid and prevent them from working as they should – there is a strong possibility that they could play a part in glaucoma.

CONDOR's First Look At The Universe - Science Daily  Left:  The first CONDOR (CO N+ Deuterium Observation Receiver) observations were performed on the APEX (Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment) telescope. Currently, APEX is the only telescope with a mirror larger than 5 m that can observe terahertz frequencies. (Image: Arnaud Belloche)  The CONDOR detections are the first 1.5 THz-frequency observations acquired with a large telescope (12 m diameter). The observations reveal several surprises, and the expectation that THz astronomy would yield valuable scientific results has been met. "The CONDOR observations are done at the highest frequencies that APEX expects to ever reach," explains the APEX project manager, Dr. Rolf Güsten. "At even higher frequencies, the Earth’s atmosphere becomes opaque until one reaches the infrared wavelengths."  

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