Intermediate Word: 
footpad  (a) insole cushion  (b) gumshoe  (c) policeman  (d) street robber
Difficult Word: - paludism- (a) doctrine that when someone dies, their soul enters a newborn baby (b) malaria  (c) practice of marrying one's brother's widow  (d) suttee

Recognizing Martians: If We Find ET, Will We Know? - Space.com  "Scientistsí approach to finding life is very Earth-centric," says Kenneth Nealson, a geobiologist at the University of Southern California. The problem is, beyond carbon-based, water-dependent life, there isn't much intelligence to go on when designing a multi-million mission to Mars. "Based on what we know about life on Earth, we set the limits for where we might look on other planets," Nealson said.
Rover Adds Color To Mars View; Full Panorama By Next Week - SpaceDaily  The first full-color snapshots of Mars have surpassed all expectations and shown the so-called the red planet actually boasts subtle shades of blue and ochre, NASA scientists said Tuesday. The image, actually a mosaic of 12 images taken by a high definition camera, is of such high quality that NASA was able to zoom in on details of stones and pebbles in the reddish brown sand in front of the robot. The 12-million-pixel image is "three or four times better than any previous mission," said Jim Bell, who is in charge of the "PanCam."   

Icecore store   BBC

Doom warnings sound more loudly  - BBC  For the doom merchants amongst us, 2004 showed its fearsome teeth in a cracking start before it was even 10 days old. I know there are sincere people who regard both the global extinction rate and the changing climate as entirely natural developments which need not concern us. But I met a man recently who told me how he could see the effects of the warmer climate in his local park in Birkenhead, in the north of England. The record preserved in cores drilled out of the Greenland icecap shows climate change can be very rapid indeed, flipping from one stable state to another in a few decades.


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