SAT-Practice Word of the Day: incidental
Intermediate Word of the Day: prolix
Difficult Word of the Day: macerate


This is the season of fields laid bare
Under a bare bleak breadth of sky.
April has long since hurried by
And Autumn, binding her leaf-brown hair, Paused but to strip the laboring roots
Of the last gold grain and the final fruits,
Paused as she bound her leaf-brown hair
Only to say good-bye.

All that was sowed in the golden days,
Seed of alughter and seed of tears,
Lifted in summer their thin green spears,
Flaunted their fruits in October's haze--
Fruits of sorrow and fruits of joy
That nothing could change and nothing destro--
Fruit of laughter on slender sprasy,
And ever the fruit of tears.

This is the season when those who plod
The furrowed fields that are left to them
May touch their lips to the goblets brim
And warm their hearts at the fires of God,
Glad for the grain that was theirs to reap.
Glad for the blessing of rest and sleep.
Warming their hearts at the fires of God
And giving their thanks to Him.

        --"Window to the South."
                  Vivian Smallwood