Intermediate Word:  holographic (a) presenting just a silhouette  (b) producing images by waveform reproduction  (c) spicy  (d) incomplete
Difficult Word: - saluki - (a)
Arabian  (b) kimono sash  (c) Nipponese chamberlain  (d) sawder

'Intelligent design' ruling may have ripples - SpaceDaily  Backers of "intelligent design" have been advising school boards to avoid lawsuits by encouraging criticism of evolution rather than mandating that students learn about intelligent design. But a judge's ruling this week has given ammunition to those fighting challenges to evolution in three states. Intelligent design, or ID, is the idea that some forms of life are so complex, they show the distinct hand of a designer. Federal Judge John Jones ruled this week that intelligent design is creationism with a new label and can't be taught in public school science classes.
The Ice Dwarf Cometh - SpaceDaily  Pluto is one of the most mysterious objects in our solar system. Ten thousand times fainter than the eye can see, and a hundred times smaller than Mars in the night sky, Pluto has never been investigated up-close by a spacecraft. The best image of Pluto, obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope, is just a crude grouping of bright and dark pixels. After launch, the New Horizons spacecraft will speed away from Earth at 8 miles per second, reaching the moon in about 8 hours (the Apollo missions took several days to cover this same distance). In early 2007, a flyby of Jupiter will increase the spacecraft's speed by an additional 2.5 miles per second, and also provide an opportunity to test the spacecraft instruments.     

Sound of star's vibration reveals details of its core - New Scientist  Astronomers have made the most detailed observation yet of the subtle vibrations of a Sun-like star. The technique reveals details of the star's interior that cannot be studied any other way. Stars pulsate slightly as churning gas in their outer layers creates low-frequency sound waves that rebound inside them. The frequency of each wave reveals the speed at which sound travels through a star's inner layers, shedding light on its density, temperature, composition and rotation. These waves have been studied in just a dozen or so stars other than the Sun.    
 and Japan have been badly strained of late,    

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